Sunday, 13 March 2011


I was strolling down my favourite street in Perth and a bunch of wankers went up to me and asked to see my ID. WTF? not being a man to bend over, i told the gits to get outta my face or they would be kissin my fist, and they was dumbfounded! I reckon they thought i was being serious because of my eyes were glazed over from lack of sleep, so I might have looked high! i told them to get lost, which i felt was not too shabby! i just wanted some shrimp cause i was throwing a barbie with the mates later, and these damn gits gotta try and stop me! what is this world coming to? i thought the youth in Perth had respect! like i said, BOLLOCKS!

Saturday, 12 March 2011


First post on this blogging stuff, I dunno what to say! But I'll start anyways, i'm from Perth! and what pisses me off is I get associated with scum from Sydney!! Not even close to each other and I get that name attached to me!! Garbage!! So like I said, i'll probably be talking about general life tips/hacks so you'll be interested!! it'll be a list of things so keep following me!